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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Administrator / Social Quarters Manager Employment Opportunity
Administrator/Social Quarters Manager

Flexible Hours including special activities/meetings.
Qualifications require a diverse background and knowledge of accounting software.
Knowledge of non-profit operations desirable.
A background in business management helpful.
Knowledge of State and local government laws, including Liquor and Small games of chance. Strong communication skills with employees and members.

Resumes and a cover letter should be mailed or email to Attention: Governor; Lewistown Family Center 143 PO Box 190 Lewistown, PA 17044.

Reply by the 22nd of October
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Breakfast: July12, Aug 9, and Sept 13.
Taco Night: July 22, Aug 26, and Sept 23.
Team Moose came in 3rd this year at the Relay Rally that was held over the June 13 & 14 weekend. We raised $11,193.00. We would like to thank everybody for the support over the year.
We are looking for some more help. If anyone would like to help on the Relay team, please contact Leslie Mitchell at 717-513-7469 or email dumbiie21@yahoo.com.
Again thank you everybody for your support!
Thank you,
Team Moose
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Events: July 28th - Legion Meeting August 25th - Legion Meeting September 22nd - Legion Meeting October - Keystone 41 Legion All State
Sunday Breakfast - July 26 August 2nd, 23rd, September 6th, 27th
The Moose Legion meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday of every month and food and beverages are available after the meeting. We strongly encourage Legion members to attend meetings for help with new ideas. The Moose Legion Committee is in dire need for volunteers to help with the Sunday breakfasts. If interested in helping, please contact John Graham or other lodge officers.
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Coworkers: Changes are coming from International as well as locally; as soon as these are known they will be passed to you at our meetings. WOTM will be saving Campbell's soup labels and box tops for education or Mooseheart as a committee project. Place these in the basket in the WOTM office or in the mail drop out front or to the committee chairperson. A book sale is in the works so start donating your books now to any officer or place in the WOTM office. WOTM Christmas party will be 12/13/15 at 1pm-save the date-more info later. Some activities this year include a skit. making and raffling a quilt, holiday crafts, wacky hat night, trick or treat bags, pictionary, Kid Connection project and guest speakers. We are also issuing a series of monthly challenges to our members. July's challenge is to bring WOTM member who has never been to one of our meetings. October is Christmas in July and there will be a money walk for Mooseheart-the challenge is for everyone to donate more than they did last year. Be sure to keep track of all you do for community service and let an officer or the chairman know. International is keeping track monthly and they also want a listing of the mileage used for these endeavors. June's challenge is for everyone to perform at least one community service. August challenge is to search out a woman veteran and thank her for her service-buy her lunch or a treat. In September the challenge is to donate to a pet shelter in some way. November's challenge is to commit a random act of kindness. In December the challenge is to pluck a wish from one of the many trees set up for children and fulfill it. In January the challenge is to commit to a resolution. In February the challenge is to make someone your secret Valentine and send them a small gift. In March the challenge is to make a kite that will actually fly. Membership is down all over the area; when you consider all the benefits of Moose membership it is a real bargain. The Moose theme this year is BUILD OUR FOUNDATION so let's all try to build our membership.Watch the signups sheets out front for activities. I hope we can all make this a fun, eventful year.
Third Monday of each month is our social night with light refreshments served and followed by card games. Covered dishes are welcomed. All Co-Workers are invited to attend 5:30 - ? Third Sunday is breakfast 7-11am - followed by dinner 11am – 2pm. Menu posted on the bulletin board and sign-up sheet at the bar.
May 17th Cole Slaw, Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, and Peas, Bread with Butter, Cake and Ice Cream. June 21st Applesauce, Filled Pork Crops, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Bean, Cake and Ice Cream, July 19th Toss Salad, Marinated Chicken, Parsley Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Bread with Butter, Cake and Ice Cream
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Hi Member Sports Enthusiasts,
Summer is upon us, please come out Monday evenings and enjoy friendly horseshoe competition. No worries, you will draw partners, so good or bad we want you all!! Corn Hole is also available for those interested. See the bowling section of this newsletter for further bowling info.
CONGRATULATIONS to our Women’s Pool Team, they finished 2nd in the local Women’s Pool League!!
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Riding season is well upon us. Many motorcycles are on the road and you can usually always count on seeing one or two parked at the Moose. A couple of the Riders actually took a ride to Ricketts Glen State Park a couple weeks ago and had a great time. The weather was great and we all had a good time of riding and fellowship. We were hoping to see more fellow riders, but we are all busy during the summer and schedules did not align. Please watch for more future rides though.
Wing nights are still going strong throughout the summer and we hope to continue them as long as we have the wonderful members coming in and enjoying them. Our masterful chef, Steven Sunday, Sr. makes the tasty wings and fries with great pleasure and we get many compliments on them. That is what it is all about, paying back the members with good food and fellowship while still making donations to the kids at Mooeheart and the elders of Moosehaven.
Preparation for our Pennsylvania State Moose Rally is moving right along as the grills are ready to be tested and the charcoal is purchased. I can almost smell the steaks and corn grilling right now. Mmmmm. We expect a fun filled weekend to be had by all both Moose Riders and Moose members. All are welcome and can enjoy in the meal and all the festivities. You don’t have to have a bike to buy a ticket for the meal and enjoy in everything the Moose Riders have to offer. Watch for details at the bar. The dates are August 14th, 15th, and 16th. Be sure to put it on your calendar and come on out. There will be bands, beer specials, prizes, games, food, fellowship, music. The list just keeps going on and on. We expect over 200 bikes on the weekend, come out and see the great parade that we will kick off at the Moose and ride through downtown Lewistown as we take off out of town towards State College and Huntingdon to return back to the Moose for the afternoon and evening of fun, food, and music. Oh, and I almost forgot, don’t forget to get your ticket for the Harley Bike raffle to be given away on Saturday night at the Rally. The tickets are going fast and are very limited. Ask for one at the bar or any Moose Rider that you see. The bike is actually onsite in the Dart room for you to see. Once the tickets are gone that is it! There were only 1,000 printed and there are only about 100 left with 2 months to go!
Other items to watch out for are the Traveling Trophy ride on June 20th. This is a joint ride with Millerstown Moose and the VFW’s in the area. The Lewistown Moose wants to return the trophy to our lodge and display it with pride. Also, on June 27th be sure to come out and join the Ride for Kid’s Sake ride. It is a ride open to anyone that wants to join for $10 per rider with 50/50 drawings and a nice ride through central PA to support the kids.
The Moose Riders sponsored bar is almost complete with the lights hung and soon ready to be lit. These should be ready by the time of the Rally for folks to enjoy. We have heard many compliments on them and they aren’t even finished yet, thank you all for the great comments. I would also like to take this little time of closure to thank all members and their families for the support they showed me and my family during the loss of my father. It is never an easy time to lose someone, but it was very comforting to have the support of all the Moose members and especially the support of those that came to support us at the viewing. It just shows how much of a “family” center the Lewistown Moose Family Center is. Spread the word and let’s increase that membership and attendance back to what we are used to! “I AM MOOSE PROUD!”…..”WE ARE MOOSE PROUD!”

Kevin Stuck, Lewistown 143 Moose Riders President
Sunday, June 28, 2015
The kitchen has lost ling-time employee, Barb Hook. As we say goodbye to her, we wish her well in her new endeavor.
You may have heard the kitchen will be starting new summer hours, but don’t worry; we will be back full-time in the fall with new menu items.
In the meantime, don’t forget the Friday night buffet and Saturday night dinner specials. It’s always a good meal.
Monday, January 19, 2015
I wish to thank each and every member who stepped up and helped with our third annual “Moose Angel Project”! This is a
project developed to help ensure less fortunate children in our area will have a good Christmas. By which area churches,
businesses, organizations and individuals ask their customers or members to participate by selecting an angel from the tree,
which has a child’s name, age and suggested gift on it, then goes and purchases the suggested gift, returns it un-wrapped and
then I delivered the gifts to the organizers for processing and wrapping and then distributing to the area children. When I
delivered the gifts to the organizers, WOW what a site to see, a very large room filled with wrapped gifts waiting to be
distributed to the children. I spoke with them and ask roughly how many children are affected through this and she said 1100
– 1200 children. I’m just glad to know that we, members of the Lewistown Moose Family Center, helped put a smile on 75
children’s faces this Christmas!! THANK YOU ALL!! If you were unlucky to hear of this project too late, well we will be
participating again in 2014 and I will ask for more names, so please watch for the Moose Angel board in the social quarters
around November 2014.
In Christmas Spirit - Matthew Reik
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Moose Leader
The latest Moose Leader has been posted under documents. Take a look it contains a lot of good information.
Saturday, March 6, 2010
There are many reasons we here at the Lewistown Moose Family Center have joined with our members and co- workers all over the world. We as memebers all have accepted the challenging task of providing for the children at Mooseheart and the seniors at Moosehaven. The men and woman of the Lodge achieve this by supporting faternal programs and functions of Moose International. If you have ever had the chance to meet a child with no one or no where to turn to would you try to help?
If you would, you have the heart of a moose member . We change these kids lives by giving them a place to live , food to eat and an education . The family values these kids learn and the friends they make, will start them off on the right path to become respectable leaders of tomorrow.
Monday, January 11, 2010
"The friendliest place in town."

Lewistown Moose Family Center 143 is a private club where its members and qualified guests can socialize in a comfortable, family atmosphere, have a favorite beverage, and dine for lunch or dinner well below the cost of other restaurants in the area. The Moose is an organization made up of men and women that care for young and the aged, support numerous community actvities, and celebrates life. When you think of the Moose you will soon realize the fun that your membership provides. Lewistown Moose Family Center 143 strives to provide fun activities throughout the year for all ages.

These activities range from weekly entertainment from some of the best bands in the area on Saturdays for the adults to Halloween, Christmas and Easter parties for the children. Oh yes, don't forget the annual picnic.