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Sunday, April 5, 2015
The kitchen has been under new
management for almost a year. I
hope your experience has been
good so far, but I would like to
know what the kitchen can do to
make your Moose dining more
enjoyable. Is there something you
would like to see on the menu or
on the buffet? If so, come see me
in the kitchen or call the kitchen.
If you are enjoying our new menu
and specials, tell your Moose
friends. I really do enjoy cooking
for you!
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Moose Riders News
Warmer weather is right around the corner. If you listen closing you
can hear a rumble of a motorcycle in the distance. While we are busy
gearing up for the upcoming season, we are still keeping busy in the
lodge. As you may have noticed, there is some minor construction
going on in the lodge to spruce up some walls, put in new cabinets for
the ticket machines, and additional bars in the bar area. This is being
funded by the Moose Riders to help spruce up the lodge and entice
both new and old members to come into the lodge and enjoy the
atmosphere. Watch for more changes to come and we apologize for
the mess and inconvenience in our times of construction.
We would like to extend our thanks to everyone that is making our
Moose Rider Wing nights such a success. We have received so many
compliments from our wings and each week keeps getting better and
better. We enjoy the repeat customers as well as all the new faces each
week. Due to the overwhelming support and demand, the Moose Riders
have decided to continue doing wings throughout the summer months
as long as we get the continued support. The volunteer staff preparing
the wings look forward to wing night and all the wonderful social
interaction with the members. We try to listen to our customers and
introduce new things. Our latest new additions were the Salt-N-Vinegar
Wings and the Salt-N-Vinegar French Fries, both of which are great hits!
Preparation for our Pennsylvania State Moose Rally is really gearing
up. This should pan out to be a huge event for our lodge and all its
members. It will be a fun-filled weekend in August scheduled for the
14th, 15th, and 16th. The Rally will pull in Moose Riders and Moose
members from all over the state and it is a great time had by all to
socialize and interact with our fellow Moose members. Remember why
we all do this, it is for the children of MooseHeart and the elders of
MooseHaven. The three day event will include entertainment, games,
special events, a special motorcycle ride, and may other items. It is also
in the works to get our one and only Moose Rider celebrity from the hit
show “CHiPs”, Eric Estrada. Stay tuned and watch for more detailed
information in the Lodge. One of our big fund raisers for the Rally is the
selling of Raffle Ticket to win a 2015 Harley Davidson Street 500 made
possible by Cycle 1 Harley out of State College. Watch soon for the bike
to show up at the lodge. Moose Riders are already selling a limited
1000 tickets for $10 each. Be sure to get a hold of a Moose Rider
member to purchase your ticket today, they are going very FAST!!! The
net proceeds will go back into the Lodge.
Watch for other upcoming events sponsored by the Moose Riders.
There Annual Ride for Kids is coming up on June 27th so be sure to
come out and support this cause. Also the Traveling Trophy ride is right
around the corner. The Lewistown Moose Riders gave up the trophy last
year but we are determined to get it back in our Lodge this year. Riders,
keep in mind and come out and support us in all these endeavors.
Moose Riders get those bikes out and cleaned up for the riding
season. When we meet again next quarter we will be in the middle of
the riding season and hopefully enjoying the wonderful nature that we
so greatly appreciate. There is nothing like riding free on the open road
and supporting such a great causes like MooseHeart, MooseHaven and
all Moose charities. Ride hard but ride safe!

Kevin Stuck
Lewistown 143 Moose Riders President
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Moose Sports
Hi Member Sports Enthusiasts,
As the bowling and Pool season comes to a close, all you need to do is pack your bowling balls and cue sticks away and dust off your horseshoes and corn hole bags as Horseshoes and Corn Hole will be starting again the first week of May. Good Luck to all!
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Meetings 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

Dear Co-Workers,
This letter begins with our meeting in January and Chairman
Barbara Lake and her committee decorated the tables with
education and office supplies. The month was Educational
Advancement and in the center of the tables was colorful baskets
filled with a Webster’s Dictionary, Calculator, container of paper
clips, a tablet, Pens and Pencils, Glue Stick, and a bottle of Correction
Fluid. The meal served was fruit salad, fried chicken, macaroni salad,
cake and pie with coffee.
February was Family Involvement month and Chairman Barbara
Knepp and her committee decorated the tables for Valentine’s Day.
The center piece was a wine glass with Hearts around and in the
glass was Roses, beside the glass was a book of messages about love.
The meal served was a Toss Salad, Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Cake and
March was Moose Charities and Chairman Shirley Lefevre
decorated the tables with a spring theme. Shirley and her
committee had green and white placemats and in the center was a
flower pot filled with candy, beside the pot was a paper lantern that
lit up. The meal served was a Toss Salad, Hot Roast Beef Sandwich,
French Fries, Corn and Cake.
April 28TH will be the installation of our New Officers. The Senior
Regent will be Bonnie Musser, Secretary/Treasurer will be Lisa
Baitsell, Junior Regent will be Mary Miller, Junior Graduate Regent
will be Maranda Berich, and Recorder will be Susan Abbott.
Congratulations and wishing the Chapter a successful year.

Third Monday of each month is our social night with light
refreshments served and followed by card games. Covered dishes are
welcomed. All Co-Workers are invited to attend 5:30 - ?

Third Sunday is breakfast 7-11am - followed by dinner 11am – 2pm. Menu
posted on the bulletin board and sign-up sheet at the bar.
May 17th Cole Slaw, Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, and
Peas, Bread with Butter, Cake and Ice Cream. June 21st Applesauce,
Filled Pork Crops, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Bean, Cake and Ice
Cream, July 19th Toss Salad, Marinated Chicken, Parsley Potatoes,
Mixed Vegetables, Bread with Butter, Cake and Ice Cream.
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Legion News
Apr. 28th – Legion Meeting
May 2nd – Clean-up Day
May 20th – Spring Fling
May 26th - Legion Meeting
June 20th – Moose Legion Stag Picnic
June 23rd - Legion Meeting
Sunday Breakfast – 1st, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month.
The Moose Legion meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday of every
month and food and beverages are available after the meeting.
A clean-up day for pavilion area is scheduled for May 2nd 7am-?. Also a Spring
Fling is scheduled for May 20th 6-8pm, and the Annual Moose Legion Stag Picnic
is scheduled for June 20th Noon-5pm, watch for notices and sign-up sheets.
Due to increase of food prices, breakfast prices will be increased starting May
1st. The lodge Moose Legion Committee is in dire need for volunteers to help
with the Sunday breakfasts. If interested in helping, please contact John Graham
or other lodge officers.
Monday, January 19, 2015
I wish to thank each and every member who stepped up and helped with our third annual “Moose Angel Project”! This is a
project developed to help ensure less fortunate children in our area will have a good Christmas. By which area churches,
businesses, organizations and individuals ask their customers or members to participate by selecting an angel from the tree,
which has a child’s name, age and suggested gift on it, then goes and purchases the suggested gift, returns it un-wrapped and
then I delivered the gifts to the organizers for processing and wrapping and then distributing to the area children. When I
delivered the gifts to the organizers, WOW what a site to see, a very large room filled with wrapped gifts waiting to be
distributed to the children. I spoke with them and ask roughly how many children are affected through this and she said 1100
– 1200 children. I’m just glad to know that we, members of the Lewistown Moose Family Center, helped put a smile on 75
children’s faces this Christmas!! THANK YOU ALL!! If you were unlucky to hear of this project too late, well we will be
participating again in 2014 and I will ask for more names, so please watch for the Moose Angel board in the social quarters
around November 2014.
In Christmas Spirit - Matthew Reik
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Moose Leader
The latest Moose Leader has been posted under documents. Take a look it contains a lot of good information.
Saturday, March 6, 2010
There are many reasons we here at the Lewistown Moose Family Center have joined with our members and co- workers all over the world. We as memebers all have accepted the challenging task of providing for the children at Mooseheart and the seniors at Moosehaven. The men and woman of the Lodge achieve this by supporting faternal programs and functions of Moose International. If you have ever had the chance to meet a child with no one or no where to turn to would you try to help?
If you would, you have the heart of a moose member . We change these kids lives by giving them a place to live , food to eat and an education . The family values these kids learn and the friends they make, will start them off on the right path to become respectable leaders of tomorrow.
Monday, January 11, 2010
"The friendliest place in town."

Lewistown Moose Family Center 143 is a private club where its members and qualified guests can socialize in a comfortable, family atmosphere, have a favorite beverage, and dine for lunch or dinner well below the cost of other restaurants in the area. The Moose is an organization made up of men and women that care for young and the aged, support numerous community actvities, and celebrates life. When you think of the Moose you will soon realize the fun that your membership provides. Lewistown Moose Family Center 143 strives to provide fun activities throughout the year for all ages.

These activities range from weekly entertainment from some of the best bands in the area on Saturdays for the adults to Halloween, Christmas and Easter parties for the children. Oh yes, don't forget the annual picnic.