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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Breakfast: Oct. 8, Nov. 12, Dec. 10
Tacos: Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 22, Dec. 27
Movie Nights: Sept. 28, Oct. 26, Nov. 30
**Movies to be announced**
Anybody interested in helping, please contact Leslie Mitchell @ 717-513-7469
or Rose Diven @ 717-348-8836.
Relay is having a Lularoo event on September 16, watch around the lodge for more information.
Please watch around the lodge for more upcoming events.
Thank you,
Relay Team Moose
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Dear Co-Workers:
Can you believe that summer is quickly coming to an end as of this newsletter? We have had lots of changes coming into this new year and look forward to finishing out the year for the WOTM strong. First let me say that as of this date we have a new Recorder Carol Gers so please welcome her into her newest position. We are always looking for new ideas to help raise some much needed funds so if you have any ideas please feel free to contact any of the WOTM members and let us know what you think.
We still have the breakfast on the 3rd Sunday of every month and it is a lot of fun and fellowship with fellow WOTM members. We are always looking for volunteers to help with this function. Many hands make for short work for all. Also in October or November we will be doing a Monday night meal. We are looking at offering a Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes and a side for $6.00. We will be posting on the bulletin board and exact date as well as announcing it as it comes closer. We will be looking for help with this meal prep as well. So if you are able to help please contact me at 570-772-5616.
Everyone is welcome to also attend the monthly meetings to see what all is happening with the WOTM. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. So feel free to visit with us at a meeting and see what we are all about.
We have also decided to eliminate the phone line in the WOTM office. You can always contact me at 570-772-5616 or Jamie Barrett-Fetters at 717-248-0862. Or if you see any other WOTM Board offices let them know of any concerns or issues.
Wishing you all a good rest of the summer and hope to see you all in the upcoming weeks
Graciously yours,
Karen Spearing and Jamie Barrett-Fetters
Sr Regent Jr Regent
Third Sunday of the month is the Women of the Moose Breakfast.
Third Monday is social night starting at 5:30 with light refreshment and afterward we play card games.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Yum! Yum! Yes we are still having our Wing Nights on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month. We have a few new flavors, so come and give them a try. While you are supporting our Moose Riders, also bring some family and friends. Let’s fill this dining room up.
I wish I could report on some of our rides this year, but we’re short on volunteers. It seems like it is always the same people doing the volunteering and a lot of them are Moose Riders. So, we really couldn’t do our activities because some or all were doing other things at the lodge. Although we, meaning the Lewistown Moose Riders, did sponsor the annual event for the Isabella Rose Foundation. If you don’t know what this is, it was started by Mike Henry and our very own Bud Balliet. Now Mike Henry’s daughter heads the foundation, where we raise money to help young couples who have still born babies to help offset the cost of funerals, burial lots, and head stones. This year we raised $510 through registration, 50-50s, and various donations from some lodge members. Moose Riders of Lewistown donated $500. Donations also came from Millerstown Moose Riders and their Moose Legion and Keystone 41. We had a grand total of around $2500. Mike Henry and his daughter were so thankful and told me that this would help 5-6 families. Thank you all who participated! Before I forget, our Women of the Moose also deserve a big thank you for helping out this year with a bake sale and a $100 donation.
I would like to tell you all how much fun we had at our PMA Moose Rider bike rally held at Huntingdon Moose this year. More information on the rally will be in the next newsletter. Once again, thank you for your support and we are always looking for members. Remember you don’t need a bike to join.
Also, keep your eyes open and look in the calendar of events for our fall glow parties. They are always a good time of fellowship among friends and members. So come and join us.
Thank you all!
Steven M Sunday Sr.
Moose Rider President
Saturday, March 6, 2010
There are many reasons we here at the Lewistown Moose Family Center have joined with our members and co- workers all over the world. We as memebers all have accepted the challenging task of providing for the children at Mooseheart and the seniors at Moosehaven. The men and woman of the Lodge achieve this by supporting faternal programs and functions of Moose International. If you have ever had the chance to meet a child with no one or no where to turn to would you try to help?
If you would, you have the heart of a moose member . We change these kids lives by giving them a place to live , food to eat and an education . The family values these kids learn and the friends they make, will start them off on the right path to become respectable leaders of tomorrow.
Monday, January 11, 2010
"The friendliest place in town."

Lewistown Moose Family Center 143 is a private club where its members and qualified guests can socialize in a comfortable, family atmosphere, have a favorite beverage, and dine for lunch or dinner well below the cost of other restaurants in the area. The Moose is an organization made up of men and women that care for young and the aged, support numerous community actvities, and celebrates life. When you think of the Moose you will soon realize the fun that your membership provides. Lewistown Moose Family Center 143 strives to provide fun activities throughout the year for all ages.

These activities range from weekly entertainment from some of the best bands in the area on Saturdays for the adults to Halloween, Christmas and Easter parties for the children. Oh yes, don't forget the annual picnic.